Our planet is running out of resources!

Our mission: sustainability through efficiency.
Qampo uses algorithms and decision-science to save
resources, work hours, and carbon emissions.

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We are using 70% more than the earth can regenerate

We need to use the earth's ressources more efficiently.
This is why we do decision science!

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Decision science enables better, more intelligent ressource allocation

We love solving complicated puzzles with math and algorithms.
We love turning complexity into simplicity!

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We strive for human value and impact

Our algorithms free valuable time and energy
to do the things that matter

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Decision science matters!
3 solutions in one

Minimize carbon emissions today!

Our way to reduce carbon emissions is by minimizing overconsumption. Our solution is improving how existing resources are utilized: creating a more efficient operation with less wasted capacity, rendering new and carbon-expensive infrastructure investments superfluous. Qampo provides an extremely efficient path to reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions – not tomorrow – today!

Save time by simplifying complexity

Resource allocation is one of the most challenging and complex puzzles to overcome for a human brain. The number of different ways to solve the planning puzzle increases astronomically with the number of puzzle pieces. Even small planning problems exceed the number of atoms in the universe! Our decision science based solutions empower humans to make easy and intelligent decisions by making this complexity manageable.

Save money on

We have saved our customers a huge amount of costly expansions and operations. Across different industries from airports and transportation to service providers. Improving and managing the logistics of personnel, infrastructure and vehicles – with fewer employees, vehicles or kilometers driven necessary for the smooth operation of existing services or routes. We free valuable ressources on both CAPEX and OPEX.

Our mission

Qampo as a Labortory

Sustainability through efficiency

Qampo is an innovative, decision science laboratory. We invent, develop and commercialize decision science based products.

We’re a team of highly skilled decisions scientists, programmers, UX designers, and behavioral scientists.

We create sustainability through efficiency by making complexity manageable. We help you make the most of the resources already at your disposal: saving time, money, and carbon emissions.

The key is decision science – a science that has come to change the world.

Cases & products

GREENFORCE: 25% reduction in driving time & carbon emissions

Right now, we are developing a groundbreaking decision science-based field service management solution in collaboration with DTU and TDC Net, supported by Innovationsfonden Denmark with €8 mio.

Project Greenforce ensures that tasks are always allocated to the right people with the right skills at the right time and route.

The outcome: increased effective capacity and task completion rate, with fewer hands required to deliver the same impact. Simultaneously, our solution has reduced driving time by 25%, ensuring fewer kilometers are driven and a smaller carbon footprint.

AI signature

PLAI – improving continuity in healthcare

Qampo is helping solve the problem of a growing elderly population and a chronically shorthanded healthcare sector. Our solution seeks to strengthen both the quality and throughput of healthcare providers.

Continuity is important for the quality of care, and our algorithms ensure more familiar faces in the everyday of the elderly. Increasing the satisfaction of both the elderly and healthcare staff. This continuity also enables a better flow of information, which in turn reduces the risk of errors and incorrect treatments. Our algorithms increase the effective capacity of healthcare providers by markedly reducing driving time. Ensuring that warm hands aren’t wasted on the steering wheel of cars, and simultaneously, wasting less of the earth’s ressources.

BAGSTAGE: 35% more infrastructure without new infrastructure!

Growing passenger numbers are pushing the bagage handling capacity of airports to the limit. We’ve created a tool to help solve this problem, without expensive and carbon-heavy investments in infrastructure and race tracks!

Bagstage is a 24/7 operational and strategic management tool that secures optimized baggage allocation for both incoming and outgoing flights. At Copenhagen Airport it’s delivered a 35% increased effective capacity. Simply, through decision science algorithms.

According to a study by SITA, bagage reclaim is the most negative experience of the journey for most passengers. Bagstage reduces passenger wait times and race track overlaps – enabling a better, smoother bagage reclaim experience for passengers.

TRANSPORT LOGISTICS: 10% to 98% utilisation improvements

We’ve developed optimization algorithms for the transportation sector designed to manage buses, trains and everything in between more efficiently. Finding the best solution for which vehicle and employee, when and where. We collaborate with Modaxo, Trapeze, Signature Rail and Binary Systems.

Our goal is to contribute towards a greener public transportation sector. Our algorithms are continually updated with the newest research and insights. This is why we’re the best on the market, when it comes to managing the unique recharging logistics of electrical vehicles. We ensure that fewer kilometres are driven and fewer vehicles / employees are necessary for maintaining existing routes.
The result: a reduced cost per route and a smaller carbon footprint.

Efficiency is green

We’ve made it our purpose to see that the earth’s ressources aren’t wasted on inefficiency

The Qampo Team

Our team holds core competencies within disciplines such as planning, optimization, programming, machine learning, business analytics, UX design, behavioral analysis and ethics. The ingredients of our decision science cocktail. 

We count one internationally renowned DTU professor and eight award winning Ph.D.’s.

Thanks to our algorithms, you can trust that your decisions always take you in the right direction. We’re the people who keep the machines running. We’re innovators and decision scientists. We’re the alchemists of mathematics.

Tanja Burke Jensen Software Developer
in Decision Science, MsC
Martin From Software Developer
in Decision Science
Kristian Schnedler Jørgensen Senior UX / UI Designer
in Decision Science
Michael Lindahl Decision Scientist, Ph.D.
Razvan Politic Student UX/UI Designer
in Decision Science
Nicolai Cryer Software Developer,
Decision Scientist
Anne Toft External UX/UI Consultant
Teresa Goldenits Student Developer
in Decision Science
Hekla Mist Valgeirsdóttir Student Developer
in Decision Science
Simone Minniti Student Developer
in Decision Science
Evgenia Babulkova UX / UI Intern
Blanka Béres UX / UI Intern
Rikke Hansen Office Host
Jasmine Rolin Student Developer
in Decision Science

Partners & clients

The goal is to make the world more manageable

Our goal is to make the world a better and more manageable place. We do this in collaboration with professional and trusted partners such as Aarhus University and the Technical University of Denmark, giving us access to a wealth of researchers and spearheads within the field of decision science.

Selected partners & clients

Qampo creates results for a vast range of private and public organizations, spanning multiple countries and sectors. We help solve ressource allocation problems in contexts as diverse as energy, transportation, airport logistics, public healthcare, education and subscription services.


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